Big Dog wins 42nd Annual Gold Cup-January 14,2014!


January 16, 2014 was the last day of fishing for the 2014 Gold Cup at The Sailfish Club of Florida.  And a spectacular day of fishing it was.  With perfect conditions expected and less wind than originally forecast, 87 scoring fish were released by 13 boats.

Fishing aboard Big Dog, a 76 ft. Mark Willis,  and representing The Sailfish Club the team lead by Enrique Tomeau won the event with a total of 24 releases on dead bait.  Harold Hutchins, Mark Willis and Chuck Jordan were the other anglers on the team.  Capt. Mark Pagano and his crew of Matt Bierly and James Roberts kept the team in the thick of the action all day, allowing Big Dog to release 13 fish, exactly one fish more than the next highest boat for the day and the tournament.>Showtime, representing the Sailfish Club of Stuart took second place in the tournament,  Galatea representing the Galatea Fishing Team was 3rd  and Wrenegade representing the Sailfish Club of Florida was 4th.